About Annie Leibovitz



Annie Leibovitz, an American photographer, is famous for her photo of Lennon & Yoko in 1980. Her exhibition “WOMEN: New Portraits” is now open in Sinonome, Tokyo. Many portraits of women in various fields from artists to politicians tell us their own stories through Leibovitz’s “eye.” The tour starts in London and now in Tokyo. Other host cities are: San Francisco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Istanbul, Frankfurt, New York and Zurich.


Misty Copeland, New York City, 2015 © Annie Leibovitz. From WOMEN: New Portraits, Exclusive Commissioning Partner UBS




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2 thoughts on “About Annie Leibovitz

  1. アニー・リーボヴィッツは肖像写真で有名なようですが、同じアメリカ人写真家のアンセル・アダムスは、風景写真でよく知られています。彼のモノクロ写真を見ていると、風や音を感じます。
    American photographer, Ansel Adams is very famous for his monochrome photographs on the subject of landscapes, especially Yosemite Valley, California. He was born in 1902, and took photographs and contributed to develop its techniques through his writings. He was also an original menber of f/64 group, which promoted taking photos in sharp focus against soft focus which was the mainstream. Look at his photos. They are so quiet, but if I listen attentively them, I can hear the sound of wind and insect-chirping, and feel the bracing air! In 1990s, there were many exhibitions of his photographs in Japan, but unfortunately it is getting less recently. Sometimes I open his photographic albums and have luxury time.


    • I love your way of feeling and experience Ansel’s photography. Your expressions are poetic as a his works. And yes, all what you wrote about power of his photohos is true..

      Only what I want to add is: Ansel Adams invented technique exposure called Zone System (originally it uses for analog photography, but it’s still usable in digital nowadays – I know it, because I learned it 🙂


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