Friends of IF – International Student, DANIELA


Daniela is a college student of Nacional de Colombia. Its huge campus is called “Ciudad Universitaria.”(college city)


Q: How far does it take from home to campus?

Daniela: About 1 hour and half. I use public transport

We don’t have trains so we should use TRANSMILENIO. They are always very very very crowded. Look at this video.

Q: Haha, the same things happen to us, Daniela … How about a bike?

Daniela: I like riding bikes, but I have a problem I can’t use it because I have to leave home very early morning and it’s very dangerous to ride a bike alone in the morning. At night I leave university at 9 or 10 pm. It’s a same problem. But frankly I hate public transport. It’s the worst!

Q:By the way what year are you in at university?

Daniela: いまは5 semesterなの。I’m now 5 semesters.

Q: Does it mean a “sophomore” or “junior”?

Daniela: 分からない。そういわないの。1 semesterは6か月。10 semestersあるの。できたら修士まで行きたいなあ。I don’t know… I don’t say that. 1 semester = 6 months. We have 10 semesters.  I wish I would like to get a “posgrado” or master.

ダニエラに質問があればコメント欄に書き込んで。If you have something to ask Daniela, you can write down in comment box. Thanks.


5 thoughts on “Friends of IF – International Student, DANIELA

  1. Hi Daniela.
    I’m a one of a friend of this website-owner.

    That movie was awful! Traffic accident is likely to occur!
    In Japanese old saying, this sort of scene is called “Wash the tubers in potato”.
    Mean, too much people in a narrow space.

    I have something to ask. In Colombia, does college students have their own visions as ,why they study or what they want to be? Most of the Japanese college student, around age of 19 to 23, doesn’t have that kind of visions unfortunately. In fact, when I look back to my past days, I think i didn’t.


  2. Hi Daniela ,Nice to meet you and thanks for sharing with us part of the daily life in Columbia , also thank you Mami for this mini interview you prove to us day after day that the word “foreigner ” should be redefined 🙂


  3. Hello R2D2
    Unfortunately public transport and traffic jam are a shame in Colombia 😦 I’m so tire with this system 😦 I decided to change my transport yestereday what I was watering one hour my bus, on holiday I’m gonna buy a bicecicle, it’s very dangerous but I don’t care, I can’t stand public transport.
    No R2D2, we don’t have any kind of help to decide what we want to study, we just have a passion for something and we have to find informaticopion about and decide the profession.
    We think Japanese people don’t have our problem (transport)
    Ghaythat, what about you? Can you tell me about your routine en you country?


    • Actually in our country transportation differs from one city to another , in Damascus the capital of Syria oh ! we suffer a lot from traffic jam you may spend a long time till you get your destination …
      Currently I’m living in Lattakia and I take a bus to get to my job , it takes 20-30 minutes to be there of course it depends on the traffic .. Most of the time the bus is jam packed and I have to stand 😦 but I’m not complaining as it is still possible not to be smashed haha also I hear every day different stories by people who are chatting beside me in the bus 😉


  4. Hi Daniela, nice to meet you, and thank you for your story 🙂 I have a question, what are you studying, and how dangerous is it to live in Colombia, considering the stories we hear about drug dealers and crime?


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