Tell us your imaginary world.

Miho, a Japanese friend of mine, loves her beautiful cat, Shams. But how does Shams think of her and her husband? Enjoy both sides of their story.

‘IF’ takes us to the imaginary world


My cat, Shams, is a naughty 6-year-old boy (half-boy strictly). His face is very handsome, and his body is covered by light brown hair with dark brown stripes. So far he can speak two Japanese words, “ohayou” (good morning) and “gohan” (meal). I feel as if he has almost the same emotions as ours when he looks at us and mews with the various countenances. He means a lot to me as a lodger of making me relax and happy. What a beautiful and wonderful creature the cat is!

I am Shams and have 2 lodgers; she and he. They are 10 times bigger than me, because of that they feel as if they are the master of me. I also sometimes act as if I am manipulated by them. It is my pleasure and fun to look at their pleasing reactions to my each action. She tries to me speaking Japanese. Though I understand what she said, I pretend I do not. I am not a dog, so I reject flatly to ”sit down”. She is easy, and usually follows my directions by my charm, but sometimes disregards my will. Although I complain so loudly, she confines me to a small cage to go terrifying unknown places (she insists it is a hospital, good for you, etc.), cleans every part of the body including my honourable whiskers and the sole of my foot, squeezes me so hard and so on. She is a bit importunate, and sometimes makes me get irritated. For representing my complains, of course, I revenge biting her foot. As for the other, he mostly ignores my requests. He is more formidable even with my charm. But, strangely I have an affinity for him, although we haven’t had so close relationship. He might have closer feelings to me than she dose. Because we are men, aren’t we. When I am still sleepy and carelessly reply “ohayou” to her greeting in the morning, he immediately rebukes me for speaking Japanese; “Have you lost the cat pride!” Then it gets me realised to have followed her obediently. Yes, I am a cat, so I should to be a self-respecting animal. What a funny and dear creature the human being is!


5 thoughts on “Tell us your imaginary world.

  1. I enjoyed reading your story Miho you have this catchy style that combines both the sene of humor and astonishment that evoke us to think more and more .
    BTW Shams in Arabic means sun who knows maybe in the next monologue of Shames will tell us about his ancestors haha .


  2. Ooooh, that is a cute cat, and I totally relate with each word you wrote Miho, I have an experience with cats considering I have one (white male cat with blue eyes) called Snowy:D
    They have been worshiped as Gods in ancient Egypt, and I think it is because of their attitude 😀 they consider themselves the boss and we are the followers, I think they are planning to control the world with their sneaky cuteness hahahahahah


  3. Hej Miho :)… When I watch at the photo of Shams (especially at his eyes) I’m sure that this what you wrote is exactly the same what he think…. His look says exactly what you described 🙂
    Have others got similar impression as I? 🙂


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