Tell us your favorite places.


My friend, Keisuke is now enjoying his holiday on Kumejima(Kume Island), Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. It took 2 hours 45 minutes from Tokyo to Okinawa by air, and he had a connection flight from Okinawa to Kumejima (about 30 minutes). I can hear his mind singing… but he has to be back to (chilly) Tokyo by next Monday…that’s too bad. :p

Tell me your favorite places.




22 thoughts on “Tell us your favorite places.

  1. As for me Okinawa associate me with history of Karate 🙂 I was trening Kyokushin several years ago and in this time I read a lot about history of martial arts.
    I’ve just seen some photos of Kumejima. This island seems to be awsome place for rest…

    My favorite places…

    I’ve a few favorite places. Places in which I run away from hustle city as often as possible. I don’t want write too much so I’ll describe only two, actually I’ll show it:

    1. First of these places is Babia Góra (literally Old Wives’ or Witches’ Mountain) other name Diablak (Devil’s Peak)

    2.The next place is Tatra Mountain:


    • 🙂 When you said martial arts, it reminded me of Ninjas, which I think are really cool, fast, strong and mysterious, can you tell me a bit about their history, and what does Ninja mean?


      • Hi Katia 🙂 Ehmm hard task. Hmm… Nin-jitsu is a part history of Japan (XII – XVII century as I remember). In this place there a lot of people from Japan who knows much more than me and I don’t feel enough to write about history of their country… So please forgive me but I do not feel up to answer for your question 🙂


      • Hi Katia, sorry for my late replay. I can only know about Ninja on TVs/books. “Nin” means hiding/having silently or patiently and “ja” means people. When our ancestors fought with swords, Ninjyas played a role of a secret agent (like 007). That’s all I’ve known…poor knowledge. 😥 OK Katia, I’ll try to get some information about Ninjyas. 🙂

        “Anything for you, ma’am” said Ninja and disappeared… (on drama).


      • Thanks Slawek and Mami for the info 🙂 I appreciate it 🙂
        I totally imagined the Ninja saying that Mami 😀 so dramatic ❤


      • Hey Mami 🙂 … i felt like I heard suspicious music when I read “Anything for you, ma’am” …..
        anyway 🙂 your definition for the name makes it easier to imagine what is a Ninja..


      • Hi Kat 🙂 …. thanks for asking this question…. movies always talked briefly and foggy about Ninja culture …


    • Hello, Slawek. I had no ideas on geography of these areas until you introduced us these mountains. Thank you for sharing your favorite places. It is so beatiful!! Babia Gora seems so wilder than Tatra Mountain. On the pictures especially I like Tatra Mountain with lakes around its foot. Though I have probably no chance to go there, I am lucky to get a chance to see its wonderful world through the photos.


      • Hi Miho, of course I strongly encourage you to visit Poland, especially my family city Krakow which is very attractive place to sightseeing (medieval /gothic and romanesque/, renaissance, baroque and modern architectonic monuments and arts). My city is full of tourists from all over the world also from Japan, Korea, China and so on 🙂 and it’s near Tatra Mountain and Beskids Range (with Babia Góra ;)) it’s only approx. 100 km from Krakow. So, feel invited 🙂

        B. Góra is only seems so wild. Generally around this mountain there are a lot of village and small towns. In my movie it can’t seen it because in this time we had a inversion and all valleys were covered by fog and clouds. At the top was beautiful sun in valleys cloudy and bad weather.


    • Hi, I am Nora from Syria,,, i checked the video and photos ,, it is such a a breath taking pics .. like you can imagine the presence of such things but you can never imagine that they are for true… i will imagine too .. that there are no boarders and i will be able to be at these places any time I want in a blink of the eye ..


  2. Wow, the view is spectacular, I love the sea, it gives you a sense of peace and quite, I live in Copenhagen which is a city on the coast line, and it has many canals and lakes

    It is my first city to visit outside Syria. I was really amazed by its organization and design, people here bike anywhere, I am biking myself as well, and I like it 🙂
    I am so into the Japanese and Chinese culture and nature, I always listen to their traditional music which I find really soothing, and I would like to visit them someday, I think both are my favorite places to visit, I saw so many documentaries and pictures that made them my favorite 🙂 and your picture is one of them 🙂


  3. from the places that I’ve visited I think Lattakia countryside is one of the most beautiful places in the world … I love how I feel when I’m there I literally separated from the world around me and connect with nature … I listening to its undiscovered language however it doesn’t need any translation to be understood … I know the word “ peace” very well but with nature I can breathe its meaning … okay to know exactly what I’m talking about , I’m sharing with you some of Kassab’s photos by Anas Al Rifai ( Kassab located in the northern Latakia countryside )
    as for the places I’d like to visit ..hmm I feel a strong attraction to live in Himalaya even for a short time that’s one of my dreams haha
    one more thing I’d love to visit Korea , Japan , Denmark and Portugal to see my friends who live in these cities .. I think I should run an airline business to make my dreams come true 


    • Amazing place.. These hill covered by fog…. Sea and mountains in the same place. It’s sounds like a dream for me… You know, when I want to go from mountains to sea I have to cover the distance over 700 km :/
      and so beautiful you described experience contact with nature…


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