Today’s sketch 1


Who? Where? When? Can you hear their voices?



サイトウマサミツ/Masamitsu Saito
Born in 1958 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, Masamitsu Saito, studied Graphic Design in Tama Art University. Freelance Illustrator.

作品/Saito’s latest works: 1, 2


14 thoughts on “Today’s sketch 1

  1. Nice sketch 🙂 I can see that she has put so many things in her bag except for the one thing she might need 😀 happens alot when you are in a hurry 😉


    • Oh how sweet I think children will be encouraged and curious to read this book after watching Saito’s lively &simple illustrations of the boy and snow actually I can’t add to Michelle description of Saito’s illustrations , Saito paint with colors and Michelle with words


    • Haaa… I love fun in snow 😀 Some people even call me a snowman (and I don’t mind even if in Polish adjective “snowman” means something like “dumb” 😉 ) I love snow and these illustrations reminds me beautiful moments… ech.. It’s a pity that this year in Poland we don’t had too much real winter..


  2. Lovely picture! Early afternoon of a weekday. They got off the train and went through the ticket wicket. Now they are outside of the station. “Wait a minute, well, I brought 2 tickets for the exhibiton, where are they?” “probably in your dairy?” “Oh, yes, perhaps”. They are going to the museum….I imagined like this. Simple lines make the shape of the picture, but so lively. Firstly, the colors came to me. Each color has tender tone. I visited Michelle’s site and looked at Mr. Saito’s another work which is quite different from this picture but also so beautiful, especially its colors. Thank you, Mr. Saito, for your wonderful illustration!


  3. 金矢さん、ありがとうございます! 感激しています! スケッチを、知人や展覧会の来場者以外の人にお披露目するのは初めての事。今回のスケッチや『 INTO THE SNOW 』へのコメントを読みながら、アナログなぼくにとってあまりにうれしい驚きの展開に、思わず目の下に涙が溜まってしまいました。* 今後ともリアルな 日常のTokyo Sketch をご覧ください。 マサミツ


    • Hi, Katia, Miho, Ghaythaa
      We’ve got a message from Masamitsu! He says he’s very moved by your messages & Michelle’s site. It’s his first “web site gallery” experience. (He also says he is an analog people himself. haha ) He promises he will show us his Tokyo Sketches in Daily Life.

      こちらこそ、すてきなイラストをありがとうございます。はやくもファンがつきましたね…ええ。これからもよろしくお願いいたします。Thanks for your fabulous illustrations. We’are Masamitsu’s big fans now. 🙂 🙂 Looking forward to your next sketch!


  4. I’m watching at illustration and reading comments (interpretations) below and… and can not get over how much content can says some simple line and planes of colours 🙂 Thank you, Mr. Saito for beautiful experience of art…. I’m looking forward to more..


    • Hi, Slawek. I must have chosen inappropriate English words to praise for his work. I said “simple” lines which mean a small number of lines or sophisticated lines (for example, back line of her spring coat consists of just one quick almost straight line), by which her figure seems to be provided liveliness. As for colors, I said “tender” which means not garish. Colors on the sketch make me feel the spring air between the sketch and me. The whole view is shrouded in the spring light by which all colors look gentle and warm. This is something I wanted to say. Now hope getting better.


      • I’m sorry Miho, my english is on low level, so sometimes I can’t express what exactly I think, sorry for that. And don’t worry, I think I meant almost the same as you when I wrote about line and colours. I’m under big impression that artist using few “quick” line and colours can express so many content. You and other commentators described this content in your comments (about spring, stories of the two girls and so on …) Do we understand each other now? 🙂


      • Did you know your comments always make Msamitsu cry of joy. 😉
        I’ll post his other picturebook “Gurugurugurun (Round-round-round-in Circle).” on IFbook FB. It’s for 0-2 babies. You can enjoy his “simple” lines.


      • It was me who could not understand, sorry Slawek. Anyway it is certain that his work brought us a lot of enjoyment! Thanks Mami for introducing his world.


      • About his babies picturebook:
        “How many times did you draw the circles?”
        Masamitsu “At first I drew about 20 circles for this book. But its publication schedule was postponed about a half year. Then I tried to think nothing and draw them again. This time I felt only happiness.”

        He also says it is not so easy to draw “simply.” When your mind, hand, and painting materials work in harmony, your drawings will have good taste.
        And you need to continue developing a flair for expressions. 🙂


  5. I looked at “Gurugurugurun” on the Facebook where I also left my comment on it. Though it shows 2 pages as a sample, this picturebook looks so enjoyable for anyone, not just for babies. I am sure that if there are T-shirts or bags with these illustrations, a lot of people can find pleasure by putting on them. I want to look the book more…


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