Tell us your occupation.

Everyday hundreds ( if not thousands ) of young people all over the world knocking companies’ doors to get a job and only some of them succeed in their endeavor . For instance in Syria a manpower survey by Central Bureau of Statistics in 2012 shows that 85.1% are employed & 14.9% aren’t .


Source: Central Bureau of Statistics, 2012

Furthermore , if we take a closer look at employed people , their daily life , the challenges they faced and the the goals they accomplished , will we consider them lucky , happy and successful ?
” I find myself obliged to search for a job to cover my study costs at the university ” said Ms. D a third year student at Tishreen university .
“After a year I have a different feeling towards my job , it isn’t an obligation anymore and I start to enjoy it . I’m working for NGO that assisting children with disabilities that was emotionally challenging for me and at the same time gives me the opportunity to help others , earn money and continue my study ”  She concluded proudly .


Ms. D with the children during an outdoor activity, 2016


In fact most of us dream about better life , independence , and success that could be achieved by certain job/career . We study and work hard motivated by our aspiration to reach our goals but while we are carrying on , do we really end up with what we planned for ?

” I wanted to become a lawyer , it was my passion in life ” after years of practicing his profession as a lawyer , Mr.A regretted his choice .
He worked hard for it but his dream collided with reality because the nature of this career was totally different from his expectations .
” life is unpredictable , isn’t it ? I’m not good at anything else , I’m imprisoned in my career like a criminal haha ”
For Mr. A his career lacks passion and enjoyment it is now just an income for his living expenses .

In contrary Ms. F , a fashion designer who works for a local company , has a different opinion and a totally different experience ” I enjoyed my work , it isn’t a job neither a career rather it’s my passion in life and people love it and pay to get some of my masterpieces ” said she .

It isn’t an easy task to achieve “Dream Job” and  we should know that it will be full of challenges , obstacles and disappointments sometimes but it is all about how we turn the failure into a new opportunity and obstacle into challenge , it’s how we turn the usual into the unique and use the stone that stumbles us to build the steps of our way and move forward to the next level
In spite of  all these challenges  , by training , education , knowing our responsibilities , studying our choices carefully and loving what we are doing could make this task easier .

By Ghaythaa Deeb , Syria 27/3/2016 .


14 thoughts on “Tell us your occupation.

  1. Yes, totally agree with you, and to add to your words, sometimes people are willing to sacrifice alot on their behalf in order to support their families, especially in Syria which is a developing country in a crises, lots of young people dreams and ambitions are crushed or postponed to an unidentified date “hopefully “.
    Equality in opportunities and doing what you love is not something you find every where unfortunately. and the education system is not doing the right thing if graduates have no idea about practical life…. it is all a part of the problem.
    The world has become more materialistic, and people spend their lives trying to earn money to save, enjoy and travel with, we’ve become so self-centered, not looking at others suffering, and even when we do, we fix the situation temporarily and not for the long run, or just “pray for” to solve the problem.


    • Yes Katia , unfortunately we faced difficult circumstances in our beloved Syria and witnessed ( out of our will ) the ugly war that affects the future of many Syrian young people ..
      Sometimes nothing can ease the feeling of our inability against the great powers that rules everything in the world … but the awareness of even some people could help and offer a lot and be the light for others .. Maybe we don’t have a magic wand 😦 but we should keep trying
      the ultimate aim that we may call it hope is what makes us (or some of us ) enjoy and love what we are doing


  2. Ghaythaa, thanks an interesting essay. What makes us happy? What brings us satisfaction? It will depend on the situation and our way of thinking. Also we don’t know what is the best for us as a result; we will find its answer years later or when we pass away. Therefore, we should do our best step by step not to regret later. Even when you regretted something you did or did not, you should approve positively your choice in the past, because you did the best anyway. Just we keep in our mind, do not be greedy too much. And as you said, try the failure turn into a new opportunity, instead of being disappointed. Probably this failure itself might not be negative factor of our future at all. I believe our happiness and satisfaction are what we make of them. Try to keep positive thinking!


    • Thanks Miho , I believe that any text won’t be complete until it’s read 🙂
      Of course our way of thinking decides who we are going to be , the circumstances around us also we can’t ignor their effect … That is why we should know our abilities and skilles very well and how we could develop them to control the circumstances and not vice versa Not all of us are lucky 🙂 but all have a chance to succeed or at least to try …


  3. it is too hard to make anything in life as you imagine
    everything in the real life so far from our dreams so everyone can approximate things in real life to make our job as much as we can walk with our dream
    Thanks Ghaythaa I really appreciate your frank that take us to the reality of work


    • Hi Dado and welcome to if 🙂
      thanks for your nice words and your participation in this article ,
      It could be difficult to find “dream job” but sometimes the journey that we start is what matters and your journy just started so enjoy it 😉


  4. Hi, Ghaythaa… Interesting and very nowadays article….
    Recently I’ve seen interesting interview with Sir Richard Branson. He’s owner of Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic Airlines and Britain’s 4th richest citizen. The interview was about entrepreneurs. And when he was asked about some advice he said some interesting things (interesting for me and maybe for you, I mean the others “IF” discussants) He said:. “Don’t try to do everything yourself. Try to find people who are better than you. Learn the art of delegation early on. Make sure that all the people who are working for you have fun what they’re doing (…)”
    What you think about it?
    For example I always try to do everything myself.. Hmm.. Maybe here a my problem and answer why I’m not a man of business success as so far 🙂


    • Interesting point of view, I think that people should have the drive to do the things they want to do themselves by themselves, even if they lack experience, the can reach for help from a specialist and possible learn it if it was within their ability, I think accomplishing what you want gives you a very rewarding feeling. on the other hand there is more focus on sub-specialties in everyday life, which I think it is important in research but also to assist any result you need to know the general idea of what is happening.


    • thanks Slawek for your nice words ..
      I thinks that we can listen and read to “successful” examples , the heros and ideals in the business field … but when it comes to us as individuals then each one has his own skills , abilities , circumstances , goals and passion it is very difficult to generalize the experience of someone to be followed by others
      Richard Charles is a business magnate and a chairman and from his viewpoint he encourages specialists to participate and share what they are ‘ already ‘ skilled in and that is of course workable for a company .
      but as individuals our curiosity and our happiness of an achievement push us more to try and experience new things not to end as Mr. A , till we find ourselves in the field that we love , doing what enjoys us the most and that may require a lot of time to be accomplished . I think the journey itself will be a great adventure that enable us from knowing what’s essential and what’s not however not all of us will be lucky to reach this knowledge so keep your mind open to possibilities 😉


  5. Ghaythaa, Thank you for your nice essay.

    In Japan almost college students should do “job hunting” from Junior. Too fast! I’m afraid they have no time to think much about their future (and study much their specialized courses). How about your countries?

    PS. And I found my life purpose is not the profession. It took a long time for me to understand this. :p


    • Well… officially you should be 3rd year student (junior ) to teach in schools for example , but others may start working from the first year to cover the living expenses that may affect their study but in many cases it will be a motivation to succeed and a good experience for their future career .
      P.S. Then you are a lucky person that you found it 😉


  6. at first I did not pay much attention to my career… it is the lack of experience I guess, and though it doesn’t relate much to my education.. I kind of loved what I did .. despite the challenges and obstacles… I guess the trick in finding the full half of the glass in everything 🙂

    as you said 🙂 it’s how we turn the usual into the unique and use the stone that stumbles us to build the steps of our way and move forward to the next level…
    maybe just taking time to study the next step.. and how to start over with something you love.. it just needs time


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