Today’s sketch 2


Hi, what are you thinking about?



サイトウマサミツ/Masamitsu Saito
Born in 1958 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, Masamitsu Saito, studied Graphic Design in Tama Art University. Freelance Illustrator.

作品/Saito’s latest works: 1, 2


7 thoughts on “Today’s sketch 2

  1. Taking the train to a destination, while there, why not check the news or read an article on the mobile phone!
    Seems lonely and the weather looks gloomy and cold!
    I think this is a great sketch, it reflects our modern daily life, I am not the kind of person who uses their mobile phone everywhere, but it is a huge phenomenon right now, whenever I take the bus, Metro or train I see most of the people on their mobile phones, and I am sure most of them are checking their Facebook news feed hahahaha, I think maybe reading a book is a better use of time 😀


  2. Hi, Katia.
    I’m now on a train and everybody is checking out something with their smartphones. Except for 6 persons reading books, talking each other, and sleeping happily 😉

    And I’m writing to you.

    This train is crowded but everybody shuts up his/her mind.

    Masamitsu can see our lonliness through his pen. 😉


    • Hahaha looks like a busy ride Mami, I wonder how can people sleep in such a crowded train 😀 have a nice springy day with alot of cherry blossoms 😀


  3. The key of this skech is colour of the paper, I thought so. It expresses not only the line of Yamanote which wagons are characterized by green colour but also time, weather (as Katia pointed out), atmosphere, situation and feelings (as Mami said). All these and covered face seem to indicate a bit negative side; a lack of relation to others, but her relatively young age showed by her sneaker and cheerful letters (yamanotesen) show a positive side. This balance creates a subtle atmosphere. Thanks, Mr. Sito, for providing us the enjoyable sketch!


    • Thank you Miho for the nice story line 😀 totally fits the sketch, and by the way, you sound like a real detective who is collecting all he can understand from a piece of evidence, I like that 🙂


  4. Scenery of the commuter train of the morning.
    Most all the people gazing at their Smartphone and searching for some answers that make their life more comfortable and ease. But sometimes the information, they got from the device, itself is the couse of making their life busy, and to make matters worse, we think getting more information is the solutions to the problem.


    • I agree with you R2D2. Actually the technology makes us less sensitive our emotions mixing especially on social media which makes a big market for the smart phones this phones chain our minds.


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