Friends of IF – Photography, SŁAWEK

The camera in Slawek’s hands isn’t just a dumb & cold device , it becomes a creature speaks beauty 🙂




“When the silent flamingo dances pink with desire, I’ll be there, sipping on owl stares and kitten curls.”
Jarod Kintz



Photos by Slawek from Poland .


14 thoughts on “Friends of IF – Photography, SŁAWEK

  1. I love wildlife and Particularly Owl it’s too beautiful
    Slawek it’s a good pic you have a stunning nature in Poland it looks a beautiful country
    I will name you Mr.Photographer Slawek


  2. Hi Dado nad Mami 🙂 Thanks for nice comments……
    Unfortunately it’s not a real wildlife 😦 These photos are results of my monday’s visit in Krakow ZOO. Generally my attitude to ZOO is ambivalent, but I love watching at animals so from time to time I go to ZOO. Visit this place in the early spring is very interesting experience – love is feels in air and tension reaches a zenith 😉 When you take a children with you for sure you’ll get a difficult questions (e.g. where they come from young giraffes?) And trust me, our friend Ghaythaa has choosed less hard core photos for this presentation 😛


    • Thanks Nora 🙂 That’s right, owls are a great creatures. I saw a big white wild owl in real forest. He or she glided silently among beech trees. Trust me it was a majestic view… Proud animal….


      • I’ve just finished read article.
        It’s fascinating than one creature can has such wide associations. From darkness and death to wisdom and lucky – thanks for interesting article and whole site “” 🙂

        In Polish Slavic pre-christian culture they were demons called “strzyga” – they were similar to vampire. Strzyga derived from latin Strix which means owl. It’s rather infernal connection hahaha 🙂

        BTW reminded me this quote: “The owl of Minerva takes its flight only when the shades of night are gathering.” G.W.F. Hegel


  3. Hi, Slawek. You are so talented person. I like photographs and animals, which means these photos are in the middle of my favorite. My attitude to zoo is also the same as you; ambivalent, but looking at animals is joys and makes me happy. If there were no human beings on this planet, creatures and the situation on the earth would be better than now. By the way, recentry in Japan cafes with owls are getting popular. See below;


    • Thank you Miho for your comment 🙂 It’s a very motivate read such comments 🙂 As to mankind and earth without people… I’ve similar feelings. Especially when I watch tv news. It always reminds me some of E. Cioran’s writings e.g. “In permitting man, Nature has committed much more than a mistake in her calculations: a crime against herself”….
      These little cat and owl from link which you sent ar so cut 🙂 Especially at the photo where cat covers his paw owl and both looks at world behind window. But also is such a sad photo… They look like a prisoners longs for freedom… and this rope on their paws owls…


  4. Fascinating photos, very professional Slawek:)you have captured the right moments in each one of them, I wonder if it was hard to capture these moments in this perfect timing?


    • Thanks Katia for your comment 🙂
      Answer for your question is very simply:
      First of all: LUCK, next: Take much more than one photo each of scene which you try to photograph. 3rd Maybe a bit intuition…….
      What else? Hmm…
      .. Probably also, some knowledge and skills and devices…
      …But primarily you must provoke luck – for example always be ready to take a photo, maybe photo of your life 🙂


  5. Sławek : I kind of liked “strzyga” 🙂 , seems like all mythologies are connected or inspired from each other somehow ….


    • Nora I’m not good in this topic but I know that.. There are some comparative theories which says that Indo-Europeans had common core of beliefs and mythology and this is a cause of similars in different later beliefs (especially I mean Georges Dumézil theory).. But as I said I’m not up to date with this field of science so I don’t know is this theory is still actual.

      Hahaha I must admit that I afraid Strzyga – she not a good creature 🙂


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