Tell us your happy time.

At 23:40 pm. I’m waiting for a girl. Where is she? I’m drinking today’s last coffee. I called her again but she disappeared. hey Ghaythaa where are you?

I can image her next voice(letters) “Hi, Mami, where were you doing when I called you?!” We live in different places so we can share happy time every day.

Tell me your happy time.



21 thoughts on “Tell us your happy time.

  1. Hmmm, my happy time! I think I will be happy IF the people I care about are happy and in good health, happiness is a relative thing, and it depends on each person personality and circumstances along with the time period of the event which is supposed to make us happy, what makes you happy now, maybe with time it will have less influence on your mood or feelings 🙂
    But taking it simply:P traveling, learning new things, knowing different cultures, having interesting conversations, being able to help someone, listening to good music, dancing, eating CHOCOLATE and so on…. all makes me happy 🙂
    By the way, the picture of this kid makes me so happy ❤


  2. Your favorites are the same as mine, Katia. Recently I found fattah also makes me happy. :p the smell of lemon and cumin brings me to Arabic ancient countries. Isn’t it called “warp drive”?


  3. Good morning 🙂
    Katia , you basically summarized the causes of happiness for me too ,,, yet,, I have some additions 😉 , I feel happy when my bus arrives on time and when I make my coffee at work , when I do a good thing ,, when I can explain my self right 🙂 ” I so often don’t find the right words to say 🙂 :-0

    but I will be the happiest person , if I could find the peace of mind … this is still a “must do” journey for me …
    BTW : Mami and Katia : Fattah and Chocolate must make any sane person happy :-* 🙂


  4. Hahhaha 😀 I can also sign with both hands under this what Katia has written 🙂 It’s really spot on…. Maybe I’ll add – read good book and communing with nature…


  5. It’s me again 🙂
    Recently this makes me happy and I want to share with you my little happiness:

    or second version :


  6. Morning my friends 🙂 ….. Yesterday was a very happy day I wish that I were a driver of a big bus and pick up you from Syria ,Denmark , Poland , UAE & Japan to take you in a tour to Lattakia countryside . But as this is impossible then as Mami shared me her happy coffee time i can share with you these moments by photos … Enjoy 🙂
    P.S talking in the bus is allowed :p


  7. Hello, this is Tomoko and first time to comment.
    I feel happy when I smile. I smile or don’t smile, it depends on my feeling.
    Sometimes I can smile when I see something not special, sometimes I can’t.
    If I can smile or laugh, I can feel I’m happy. And smiling and laughing make me more happy!


    • Hi Tomoko and welcome to IF we would be happy to see you more in IF and of course with a big smile 🙂


    • Hello, Tomoko. I know you are always smiling which makes me smile and happy. I think you are a positive person and also always active which stimulates me to do something I have hesitated. Thanks!


    • Hi, Tomoko, my sunshine~!! Enjoy visiting our site. And please tell us about your miracle Thailand & Singapore experiences…food, music, languages, and elephants… Your stories always make me happy!


    • Hi Tomoko , you just let your self go and smile when ever you feel like smiling ….laugh whenever you feel like laughing …


  8. Tomoko , please allow me to share this quote with you for an Arabic Author :

    ” أنا لا أبدل أحزان قلبي بأفراح الناس و لا أرضى أن تنقلب الدموع التي تستدرّها الكآبة من جوارحي و تصير ضحكا . أتمنى أن تبقى حياتي دمعة و ابتسامة : دمعة تطهر قلبي و تفهمني أسرار الحياة و غوامضها ، و ابتسامة تدنيني من أبناء بجدتي و تكون رمز تمجيدي الآلهة . دمعة أشارك بها منسحقي القلب ، و ابتسامة تكون عنوان فرحي بوجودي .” دمعة و ابتسامة.. جبران خليل جبران

    I wouldn’t replace the sadness in my heart with all people’s happiness , and wouldn’t accept that the tears streamed by the deep sadness of my heart to become a laugh . I hope that my life stays a tear and a smile : a tear to purify my heart and help me to understand the secrets and mysteries of life , and a smile to connect me with my brothers in humanity and be a symbol of glorifying Gods .
    A tear to share it with broken hearted , and a smile to be an announcement of my happiness to exist in this world.” Gibran Kahlil Gibran.


    • Hi Nora, you are very thoughtful and I think you live earnestly.
      I’d like to share this quote.
      Anyway human being has a smile and a tear. Babies, old people and all of us have them.
      It’s wonderful. I appreciate having them.


      • Dear Tomoko : it’s true ,, life is the gathering of all these special moments from the beginning till the end…
        appreciate having sensitive people like you in the world 🙂


  9. After sweating enough in a sauna, I always bathe in water (about 10℃). Then I feel faint. This is one of my most pleasant times.


    • Hi, aquarium!!! We’ve been waiting for you! You are always busy so it may be a special time for you to relax in a sauna. But remember…you should take much water! (and come to our site again…)


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