I was a word written with inkstick by a reed pen
by passion , surprise, anger, eagerness , curiosity the eyes looked at me .
Only ignorance hurt and shattered me apart .

I was a word written with inkstick by a reed pen
I opened the doors to imagination and every door leads to another …
to infinity and beyond I walked through them .
A word I was , in books in love letters on stone monuments and tree trunks …Time throws me to Time

I was a word written with inkstick by a reed pen
The lips uttered my letters , lips spit me out and lips put me a kiss in their lover’s ear
High I soared and reached the minds , sometimes I implanted war and in others I implanted LOVE in the fields of endless maze
I reached the hearts … to a world that could narrow or expand , I loved the place , the most beautiful space .
I was a meaning, ghost, light, ugly & pretty, sad & happy feeling … In continuous throb of ebb and flow I sailed and I arrived to every fingertip.

I was a word written with inkstick by a reed pen
I become blood , flesh , womb , sperm , and a child and I grow up walking running surpassing TIME , WAR , LOVE … then I come back I returned from where I come … mere ink on paper
a word …. written…..a reed pen
By Ghaythaa Deeb , Syria , 7.4.2016

كنت كلمة كتبت بحبر صيني بقلم من قصب
بمحبة , بدهشة , بغضب , بلهفة نظرت الي العيون , وحدها نظرات الجهل آلمتني وفتتت جسدي

كنت كلمة كتبت بحبر صيني بقلم من قصب
أفتح أبواب الخيال وكل باب كان يفضي الى باب ….. الى الأبد مشيت عبرهم
كلمة في كتاب في رسائل العشاق وعلى الأحجار وجذوع الأشجار يسلمني الزمن للزمن

كنت كلمة كتبت بحبر صيني بقلم من قصب
تلفظ أحرفي الشفاه …. شفاه تبصقني وشفاه تزرعني قبلة في أذن من تحب
حلّقت عاليا الى العقول … زرعت مرات الحرب وزرعت الحب أحيانا في تلافيف حقول لانهاية لها

كنت كلمة كتبت بحبر صيني بقلم من قصب
وصلت الى القلوب .. الى عالم قد يتسع أو يضيق , أحببت المكان ,كان أجمل الفضاءات ….
كنت معنى , طيف , نور , شعورا قبيحا جميلا , سعيدا حزينا …

كنت أكبر و أصغر في خفقان مستمر أبحر في مد وجزر لأصل الى أطراف كل اصبع

كنت كلمة كتبت بحبر صيني بقلم من قصب
أصبحت دما , لحما , رحما , نطفة , طفلا وكبرت ومشيت وسابقت الزمن والحب والحرب وعدت … عدت من حيث أتيت .. حبرا على ورق .
كلمة …. كتبت …. بقلم من قصب …
غيثاء ديب ,سوريا 7.4.2016



21 thoughts on “A WORD

  1. Hmm.. What can I say when everything was said. What can I write when everything was written above by Ghyathaa…..

    So I’ll keep silent or I’ll give voice wiser than me:
    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    The same was in the beginning with God.
    All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” John 1:1-3


  2. “I was a Word written with inkstick by a pen” is an convincing and impressive metaphor. I, a Japanese, can understand what you mean.



    • Welcome to IF Akio , you’ll find many interesting subjects in IF please feel free to add and discuss with IF friends your thoughts 🙂


    • Hi Akio and thank you for your nice words , “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” be simple and then you can go beyond the horizon with your ideas 😉


  3. Ghaythaa I read it maybe a million time every time i feel a new feeling first time believe me i cry

    “The lips uttered my letters , lips spit me out and lips put me a kiss in their lover’s ear”


    • thanks Nora , your genuine feelings are so precious to me 🙂 …
      the power of silence could be the hardest scream … without a voice that could be heard or a pain that could be felt humanity loses its essence . BTW you remind me of an outstanding idea introduced & preformed by Darius Simpson and Scout Bostley “Lost Voices” please check it 🙂


    • I’m more than happy that you loved what I’ve written more is coming 😉 and please feel free to criticize my writing 🙂


  4. Ghaythaa ,,,, , it is a bless if a word could find lips to utter it …. some words just stay written.. silent without a voice


  5. A word, character, gives a concrete meaning for things what we cannot recognize.
    Through the action, writing, we the human have been overcome some hardness or fear and become to imagine what we had ever experienced before.
    But sometimes, I think the action set a limit to our infinite possibility as a humans.


    • Thanks R2D2 we missed your participation in IF , it seems that you have good taste in poetry 🙂 from your notice about concrete images … turning what is abstract to concrete to images give the opportunity to the reader to discover a new experience emotionaly and mently he/she didn’t tried before and by this we can defeat the limits … Imagine that we go in a trip in each reader’s mind while they reading this poem …. What do you expect ?!


  6. I have no comment on this, it is just so memorizing, you have painted a dream like scenario in my head, powerful and simple ❤
    Thank you a million 🙂


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