Today’s sketch 3


Where are you going?



サイトウマサミツ/Masamitsu Saito
Born in 1958 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, Masamitsu Saito, studied Graphic Design in Tama Art University. Freelance Illustrator.

作品/Saito’s latest works: 1, 2


3 thoughts on “Today’s sketch 3

  1. Probably they are going to the theater. Who are they? Left one is absolutely “she”. She puts her arm through the right person’s, and leans over on the right person. As also the right one is taller than her, the right person could be a man, though his legs give the false impression of woman’s ones. That is, they are a pair of turtledoves. When I look at this couple as lovers, I can see colors on the sketch, especially her cloths. She is wearing a white soft hat, brown pretty boots with faux fur and a soft pink coat. She seems young. Her boyfriend is wearing a long coat of charcoal gray color, and also still young judged from his body lines. They are talking about the play on the theater… There are many stories, various colors and different sounds per person who looks at and “listens to” the sketch! Thanks for stimulating our imaginations, Mr. Saito!


  2. Hi Miho, your imagination is fantastic! After reading your comment, they look like wearing coloured clothes.
    In my opinion, I think they are about to go to trip somewhere far because I can see they are wearing coats.
    And they seem to enjoy talking.


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