Dare to Ask , Dare to Answer

If you are going to die what will you do on your only remaining day ?

If your thoughts are going to be revealed publicly what would you hide ?

If you will lose all your senses what would you miss ?

If you abandoned your friends , family , beloved ones for fame , greed , victory will you regret ?

P. S photo by Fateh Moudarres


4 thoughts on “Dare to Ask , Dare to Answer

  1. Too many ifs on IF today 

    First if : In my only remaining day , I will gather all the people I love and sit with them all tell them all how much I live them ( which is something I never do  )
    Second if : I would really hide my doubt .
    Third if : I will really miss my sight ,, I just enjoy watching beautiful things .. being able to see your loved ones is a bless
    As for the last if : I can never see myself in this situation ,,, no victory can be meaningful without the people we love …


  2. Wow that’s like each question should be an independent topic 😀
    First IF: I will spend as much time with my family and beloved ones.
    Second IF: I would hide my thought of other people secrets that they told me to keep.
    Third IF: I will miss my sight, it’s your way to see color, happiness, movement….
    Forth IF: I would NEVER do that, I would be dead if that happened!
    P.S: I love the painting ❤


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