Friends of IF – Movies, NORA

Watching Movies is a passion ! the world where you can cross the borders without a passport ,  no borders to the imagination and any idea become a real life happened  before your eyes

I confess that I’m a movie lover and may be addicted to watch movie especially unique ones and I would like to introduce you to three of my favorite movies  .I hope to know yours 🙂 and why you like certain movies than other ones

Okay here we go 🙂 the first movie is the Fall directed by Tarsem Singh and starring by Lee Pace (as Roy Walker, Red Bandit) Catinca Untaru (as Alexandria) Justine Waddell (as Nurse Evelyn) the story written by Valeri Petrov but it was adapted from Yo Ho Ho


In The fall You can’t but to fall in love with this little girl , Alexandria ,  She makes you feel that everything you see is real …

Every scene in this movie to me is a piece of art . I strongly suggest this movie as you will travel beyond the place and time .

Number two on my list is Dedication a romantic , comedy film director , Justin Theroux  , starring Mandy Moore (as Lucy Reilly) Justin Theroux (as Lawyer on phone) Billy Crudup (as Henry Roth)

Lucy: “ You broke my heart, Henry. I don’t think you can trust people. You always have to find something wrong. I’m just… I’m sorry. I’ll miss you.”

Despite the complicated personalities of Lucy and Henry they carry a sincere feelings towards each other maybe takes some time to be revealed   .

Now the last and most influential movie the Barber of Siberia ,  it’s a very famous ,  you may watched it before but it’s hard to be forgotten  . Love , friendship , pain , music …

All is here in one of a masterpiece of art J what do you think my friend

Barber of Siberia Directored by Nikita Mikhalkov

Music composed by: Eduard Artemyev, Anatoly Dokumentov

Cast ; Nikita Mikhalkov (Imperator Aleksandr III) Oleg Menshikov (Andrei Tolstoi) Julia Ormond (Jane Callahan)


For those who are in love with romantic ideas, great direction, and endless talent.. this is my genuine advice , I will be grateful if you can share me your opinion and your favorite movies as well J

Nora , Syria


39 thoughts on “Friends of IF – Movies, NORA

  1. Thanks for your share of this movies. you give me an idea for spending my vacation time I would love to see this movies it looks great


      • sure Nora my favorite film is p.s i love you directed by Richard Lagravenese. . It stars Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, Lisa Kudrow, Gina Gershon, James Marsters, Harry Connick, Jr. and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. it’s a drama film an has a romantic spirit and it takes me to another world when i watch it i hope you like it to 🙂


  2. Hi, I loved your metaphor, cinema as a journey. During watching movies I also feel that I cross through physical, mental and time borders. As for me this journey is also important because usually it gives me high emotional experience – something like ancient catharsis 🙂 – I love strong emotional cinema.
    And Thanks for your recommendation. For sure I’ll watch “The Fall”. I’ve never seen it before and trailer on YT looks very interesting as for me 🙂
    I’m wondering what movies I can recommend.. And it’s a hard task. Because a list may be a long.. I can’t decide which movie is my favorite.. Generally what can I say that recently I like weird movies.

    Hmm.. Ok, I’d like to invite all of you to strange and smoetimes maybe a bit hard journey 🙂

    1. “Hard to be a God” by Aleksei German. The best recomendation may be a Umberto Eco opinion: “Perhaps being God is hard, but it’s also hard to be a viewer that approaches this gigantic work. After seeing German’s films, you can rest assured that Tarantino’s films are only a Walt Disney production.”

    2. And maybe something from Japan. “Ai no mukidashi” by Shion Sono.
    and nice music piece from movie:

    3. I also like movies which has something common with painting for example:
    Girl with a Pearl Earring
    or The Mill and the Cross

    And thanks Nora for a really cool topic 🙂 (y)


  3. your speech encourage me to watch these movies my kind friend,
    To me awakening is one of my favourites.. Starting by Robin Williams and Robert Di Nirro… Talking about parkinson disease and the first try to treat it with Dopa medicine with great humanity touch… I thing it is rare to watch it with out crying…
    I advice you friend to watch..


  4. I loved the way you described the movies…honestly i don’t know those movies which you describe,but i will make sure to watch them..because you are my friend and i trust your choices..for me i love watching
    romantic comdey films”crazy,stupid,love”one of my favourite..this movie talk about honour,faithful to friends,faithful to the family and to the lovers..i think it deserves to be watched many times…
    there is a lot of movies that i have watched..and i will watch more when i can


    • Abeer .. Thanks for your sweet trust in my opinion ,,, I can assure you that you will at least enjoy two of these movies ..
      As for : Crazy Stupid Love , you can’t but to love this


  5. Great topic Nora, thank you 🙂 I love movies. and I watch all types from romantic to sci-fi (except horror movies, because I think they are pointless), I like to watch movies that integrate my whole senses, such as sci-fi movies “Interstellar, start wars”, movies that are based on novels like Harry Potter, The Kite Runner (offcourse after reading the novel which will be much better than the movie :P), movies that are based on real story or just ones that makes you think about stuff in this world 🙂
    I don’t have a specific movie to recommend, but I will try to watch the ones you recommended 🙂
    Peace 🙂


    • Katia, a couple of weeks ago I watched “Martian”. That’s because the hero is Matt Damon. He can never die in movies so I can watch his performance without worrying 😛 just kidding. He’s one of my favorite actors. Of course I’d like to read Andy Weir’s novel but it’s high price now because the movie was released. I also want to watch your favorite “Interstellar”. (I heard Matt died in this movie though).


      • Hahahaha Mami, I liked Matt Damon since “Good Will Hunting”, and yes I have heard of the “Martian” but didn’t see it yet! I am all for the HAPPY ENDING thingy hahahaha I will check “The Martian” as well, thanks 🙂
        But “Interstellar” is a whole different level, I mean as an Astronomy and Astrophysics enthusiast like me, it left me with a WOW, totally recommended even though Mat died (he was kinda the bad guy or the selfish one) but his acting was on point 🙂 I don’t want to spoil the movie for you, so I will stop here 😀


      • Katia, I’m so happy you know “Good Will Hunting” which is one of Matt’s (and Robin’s) best movies…anyway after 20 years Matt becomes an botanist and planting potatoes on Mars. :p Katia, please watch “Matian”! I’m looking forward to watching selfish Matt…


    • Katia , when you said horror movies,,, immediately I thought of the movie ‘Chucky’ … pointless and disgusting :-/ ..

      The Kite Runner ” both the book and the movie ” is breathtaking ,,
      tell me you opinion once you watch the movies 🙂
      peace to you too 🙂


  6. Nora, thanks for sharing your post. I’m crazy about movies too. When I was young like you, I always went to movie theaters with my friends. Now we can access movies anywhere, every time…. Hurrah for technology and culture! 😛
    I want to watch your favorite movie “Dedication”, which was not opened in Japan. In return, I recommend two movies to you: “Usual suspects” and “Snatch”. They have a fast-moving story and twist ending. Enjoy your weekend with them. 🙂


    • Mami , I mostly like you describing me as “young ” 🙂 🙂 this made my day …
      yes, technology made it easier to follow up with everything going in the world … even though technology made it possible to watch movies with similar effects … yet I think it was fascinating being at the Cinema , right ?? 🙂

      I will sure watch your recommendations, it will add unique touch to the movies library in my head 🙂


      • Exactly, Nora. That’s why we love being at the Cinema!
        And I always forget to watch movies because I can watch them anytime & anywhere… :p
        I hope you’ll tell me about old movies&remakes you recommend next time.


    • Hej Katia when you mentioned about animation you reminded me Czech surrealist filmmaker Jan Švankmajer…. What do you think about this kind animation?:


      • Wow Slawek, the sketches are really unique and weird in a good way, I mean they touch upon negative side of reality and makes you feel the urge to change it because it is not that pretty, especially the “Lunch”. Thank you for sharing them 🙂


  7. Hi friends 🙂 I have now a list of interesting movies that suggested by each one of you thank you so much
    it’s so difficult to mention your favorite movies as the list won’t end , but here’s some 🙂
    The lake house the idea of meeting via letters isn’t new but the way of handle time and the life of each lovers is so exciting

    Dead Poets Society & Patch Adams I love such movies that focus on how leaders in society can have an outstanding and unique personality regardless their jobs they aren’t blind followers of dumb rules and K-Pax
    The Green Mile , I think it’s a well known movie and it deserves That .This movie taken from a novel by Stephen King I always connect this movie with a poem by Coleridge (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner )

    the life of David Gale unforgettable movie it leaves you with hundred , thousand of questions ideas and profound thoughts

    As for comedy i will choose Jackie Chan movies he’s so funny
    animations especially Japanese ones are masterpieces such as Grave of Fireflies , actually many generations around the world watched and enjoyed manga’s based movies ..

    In the mood for love this movie will be different from all what you’ve watched before it’s about hidden things more than revealed ones it’s a rare piece of art

    Also a Syrian movie The Lover it’s about a filmmaker take us in to his childhood memories , his suffering shifting between past and present , in Damascus he fall in love with one of his neighbor who is from different religion , this movie makes me laugh and cry it’s both simple and meaningful .

    Okay … I have to stop myself haha :* 🙂


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