Friends of IF – Story of a Song, DADO

“Dance me to the end of love “ Jazz music , romantic words, and a magical cover version by Madeleine Peyroux . an old woman told me a story about this song and I don’t know if it’s a real story , but what I know is that she loves this song till the tears and her lovely smile shine on her face and I also feel that it’s a special song not an ordinary one . the song opens the window to a story of a couple who lived long time ago and loved each other to the end of love 🙂  it’s said that the original song inspired by the Holocaust , but the story of this old lady could be the story of any couple who lived the real love and the agony of life , war and difficult circumstances . a calm music of violin was playing and all neighbors was listening to the sound which comes from the room of a new couple , but the place where they lived was burning  … in peace inside the room the lovers just dance to the last minute they want to stay together to the last minute to the last sound of the music they looked to each other to see their mutual dream they expected a baby such a dream of new life they keep dancing in fire till the end of music …. War , love , fire , music and peace after you listen to the song these thoughts will come softly to your mind and just mix all of your emotion together
Enjoythe feeling of love 🙂

P. S I shared this story with you after I combined a song that I love, an old woman story , the feeling and the profound impact that I experienced , and I would like to know about songs that you love , stories that affect you deeply or strong feelings that you experienced after a strong event

Dado (Ghaydaa) , Syria


30 thoughts on “Friends of IF – Story of a Song, DADO

  1. I got goosebumps reading the story ❤ thanks Ghaydaa.
    This song is one of my favorites, and it is on my track list whenever I want to hear Jazz music, Jazz is my favorite genre, it is filled with emotions and the mix of music with its slow then accelerating rhythm is totally memorizing.
    I hope love will never lead to tragedy, I hope that whenever we listen to this song, we remember that 🙂
    I would like to share this song as well 🙂


    • thanks Katia 🙂 this kind of songs deserve to be an universal songs it’s the glory of songs generally Jazz music has this kind of sense which take you literally to another world .. world of dream and a little bit of reality haha mix in a soft way , by the way Katia the song “L-O-V-E Nat King Cole ” makes me sway and happy so thanks for share it .


      • Dado&Katia&Ghaythaa, did you know Nat sang “L-O-V-E” in Japanese?

        His Japanese is perfect. haha.

        I love Ghaythaa’s recommend “Quizás, quizás, quizás” too. And his daughter (she passed away last year) ‘s song “Unforgettable” with her father always makes me cry…


      • Maaaamiiiii ❤ I am in L.O.V.E with the Japanese version, it is PERFECT, aahhh I watched Japanese movies and TV shows and listened to Japanese songs, I know words but not the writing and not speaking full sentences, I like the Japanese language so much, I think it is sharp and smooth at the same time, and it fits this song perfectly, can you recommend Japanese Jazz singers so I can listen to ?


      • Yes Katia, I love this song too. Nat has a good ear. To my regret I don’t know Japanese jazz singers who sing songs in Japanese well. :p In return, I’ll introduce two singers to you.
        Yosui Inoue: He’s already 60s now but his voice is still perfect.
        This song title is “Shonen jidai(young days)”. It always reminds us of the end of summer/young days’ beautiful memories.

        Rimi Natsukawa: She is Okinawa native and her voice is also beautiful.
        Its titile is “Shima uta(Okinawa Island Song)”. The melody and the way of her singing are so unique and impressive for us, Honshu(the main Island of Japan) people. Her instrument is called Sansen. It’s from China.

        I sometimes listen to music without understanding lyrics. Perhaps I love melody and rhythm.


      • Aaaah, thank you so much, both are beautiful, soothing and peaceful, but I just can’t stop listening to Rimi Natsukawa, I think she will be my new favorite, her voice is so captivating and the music is simple and magical ❤


      • Hi, Katia! My name is Masashi, aged Jazz lover.
        I think it is a little bit difficult to sing Jazz songs in Japanese. That’s why most Japanese Jazz singers sing them in English. Something important might be lost when they are sung in Japanese.
        So, like Mami, I introduce you a popular singer. Her name is Naomi Chiaki(female). The titles of the songs are:
        “Akai Hana(A Red Flower)”

        “Tasogare no bigin(The Beguine in the twilight)”

        She is still alive but retired from show business when her beloved husband died.


      • Welcome to IF Masashi 🙂 it’s a pleasure to see comments by you and we hope to see more participation from you in our site
        have a nice day 🙂
        Ghaythaa & Mami


      • I loved the Japanese version too, it reminded ” in somehow” me of this song from the movie ” Up on Poppy Hill ” :


      • Hello Masashi 🙂 I am glad to find a Jazz lover like me here 😀 I listened to the songs and they are simply amazing, I think Japanese language fits well with all genres of music, and the songs of Naomi Chiaki are the proof, she is on my Jazz music list now, I need to listen to hear soothing voice more ❤ thank you so much 🙂


      • Nora, I think I know the song, and it is “somehow similar” in the rhythm :P. I like it so much, the singer’s voice has so much innocence.


      • oh!!!!Mami, i did not know that there is a Japanese Version i do not understand any word by the way hahahah but the music is universal


      • As Masashi says it’s difficult to translate original(English) lyrics into Japanese(different language) ones. But this song was translated very well and of course Nat himself was so sophisticated singer. 😉
        BTW Dado, Masashi is really crazy about jazz. He enjoyed visiting New Orleans to listen to jazz sessions last week. He knows the song “Dance me to the end of love” but didn’t know Madeleine. Your post is good study for him… :P


  2. Thanks Dado, It is a lovely song and a touching story … I enjoyed listening to it…
    I don’t have a certain type of music that I like…. whenever I hear a good song .. it will be my new love…

    check out this one :


  3. I’ve never heard this cover of “Dance me to the end of love “. So far I’ve known only original version by L. Cohen.. But this Jazz arranged by Madeleine Peyroux is much better as for me. Hmm.. Because of you I listened the lyrics more carefully and I discovered a history which is behind this song (inspired by the Holocaust).. But as you said this story is universal and it can happen every loving couple..
    Fascinating story of the old woman and fascinating song… Thanks for nice moments reading and listening 🙂


    • Yes slawak there are many versions for the same song but Madline voice touchs the soul it’s soft and strong at the same time
      If you have a song that left a profound impact on you and connected to an special event in your life I hope you share it with us 🙂


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