Today’s sketch 4


What is the title of this book?

/Masamitsu Saito

Born in 1958 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, Masamitsu Saito, studied Graphic Design in Tama Art University. Freelance Illustrator.
Saito’s latest works: 1, 2


12 thoughts on “Today’s sketch 4

  1. As for me intriguing is a colour of book’s cover – Red. I suppose that is not a Mao’s Little Red Book, because the face of the girl express too much fascination.. Hmmm.. The red colour is often used to express love, so maybe is a hot romance….. Yes, I’m certain it must be a book about love. I see it also in her face…


  2. I agree with what Slawek said, I think it is either a Romance novel, or similar to melodrama, I will add that her hair is really disturbing her reading, it is covering most of her face, maybe she wants to cry because of something she read, so she let her hair down to prevent anyone from noticing her tears.


  3. at the first look .. it appeared to me like a pregnant woman 🙂 …. then I noticed the handbag,
    I agree with Katia,,, I immediately felt that she is about to cry … maybe pretending to read a book to hide her sadness …


  4. I guess she is checking her schedule on the red book. “OK, I can go to see Star Wars with Slawek and Katia tomorrow…wait…tomorrow…tomorrow…Nora will take me to the new Italian restaurant??! mmm…”


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