Friends of IF – Photography, SŁAWEK

Hi Friends 🙂 I would like to share with you the story of this photo that I took in the last summer .

It was a scorching day so I went for a walk through the meadow. The weather was stifling and sultry. Heavy and intoxicant aroma of herbs, mesmerizing buzzing of insects surrounded me. Small reptiles and amphibians hid in the shadow of burdocks and wild grass, bees from nearby beehives was flying lazily. Nature in her lush was overwhelming. The air was heavy, small clouds drowsily floated through the sky. My head was heavy, thoughts drowsily floated through my mind. Atmosphere was thick and sticky. Fire poured down from the sun. I became more and more sleepy. It was coming to noon….

In Slavic culture midday is a very dangerous moment because then may come to you Południca – Lady Midday, a goddess of noon and high Sun. Associated also with death from sunstroke. She is malicious and murderous demon who hunts in the summer for those who carelessly at noon were in the field or meadow. Let God protect you against fall asleep in the hot sunlight.
I’m sure that I heard her steps on meadow that boiling hot day.
Suddenly something has changed. I felt fresh and cold breeze on my face. Clarity of mind and thoughts returned. Sprang up stronger wind , white birches were bend under blow and foliage rustled. Wind quickly brought heavy clouds and in the air I could feel the taste of ozone.. It was coming to storm….
Awakened from my reverie I took my camera to take this photo and I ran away to the city to my home.

I live in a city all my life. Each escape to the countryside, every encounter with nature, with folklore is an adventure for me, really adventure.

Slawek , Poland



14 thoughts on “Friends of IF – Photography, SŁAWEK

  1. As Nora says on FB it’s like a painting work. I can see your narrative on it.Thanks so much for your beautiful photos & story, Slawek.


    • Thank you Mami. That was on purpose – to made this photo like a painting. I wanted to express more what I felt than what I saw. Generally I prefer subjectivism than objectivism in photography. (of course I don’t say this about press photography)


  2. the Photo itself is overwhelming , I can just imagine what it will feel like if living inside the moment … it is a true escape being at the country side 🙂


    • Hahaha… sometimes I have impression that I really live in the Matrix 🙂 Don’t you feel the same from time to time? 😉


  3. Can someone throw me there please, I need to live there for the rest of my summers ❤ amazing!
    Your words Slawek made me feel the place as if I was there, and the goddess story fits a thriller movie or novel 🙂


      • Hahaha Mami, ok (y) .. Katia will be great 😉 .. I think she has a scientific mind, so her logical look at the issue will be needed 😀 But I don’t know what my wife will think about it??? 😛 😉


      • haha what about developing it to a movie I’ll be so excited to attend a movie starring by Katia and Slawa and directed by Mami of course 😀


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