Friends of IF – International Students , LUO

Luo interviewed by Mami Kanaya ,Co-Founder of IFbooks

Luo is a Chinese girl and now she is studying at Ottawa University.

Luo: Hello everyone! I’m Luo, a 18 year old girl come from China and an undergraduate student in university of Ottawa. I’m interested in foreign culture and new things. Also, I want to try different teaching methods and learning patterns. For these reasons, I’ve come to Ottawa to study.


M : Hi, Luo, I’m Mami, from Tokyo, Japan. Do you know something about Japan?


L : I’m a big fan of Japanese movie, literature and design. In my opinion, Japan people very treasure their history and culture, which makes Japanese cultural industry have strong ethic characteristics and distinctive features. I was touched by the Samurais in Akira Kurosawa’s movies. I also appreciate the Rei Kawakubo’s avantgarde design. The mysteries by Keigo Higashino is the best… What’s more, people. I can’t stop when sushi, ramen and tempura are on the table. However, my favourite food is the Japanese curry made by my Japanese friend Ritsuko~! I like Japanese people, they are always very polite, respectful and friendly!


M : Thank you Luo. You are a gourmet, aren’t you? There are many visitors who are teachers and students all over the world on our site. Will you tell them about your high school days?


L : Well, in my hometown, the first event that first-year high school students face is “military training”. This is a kind of training which aim to enhance students’ self-discipline and willpower before the academic study. The training method is similar to the army’s. We are required to behave like a soldier to endure the harsh weather and adverse environment. It’s hard but still a happy and valuable experience for us. However, the effect of this short-term education seems not very long lasting… hahaha.




Our school attaches much importance on students’ physical health. Students have a long break time from 10:05 to 10:30. We should gather together on the playground and do a series of exercise.


Such as some simple wushu and tai chi. Then we will run 800 meters around the playground. After that, students have 10-minute leisure time. School canteen will provide some snacks and dim-sum which in reasonable price and really delicious for students. BTW, the food in our school canteen are always tasty and I still remember all the cuisine there…


M: Thanks, Luo!














14 thoughts on “Friends of IF – International Students , LUO

  1. Hello Luo ,, thanks to you and Mami for the interesting interview … though I got a little bit tired from running and sports … I would loved it more if you kept talking about food 🙂 🙂
    felt like you had a great time in your high school… hope you have lot of happy times and experiences at university too 🙂


    • Hi Nora, sorry for my late reply. I have to be far from my computer because of my bloodshot eyes. (like Exorcist…)

      Thank you for your warm comment. In fact I have not met with Luo 🙂 but my friend Ritsuko asked Luo to write her high school life to our site and Luo enjoyed writing it. Last week it’s begun their second semester so Luo is very busy now but she would quite like to talk with IFvisitors.

      From her email:
      I have seen my article on “IF”… That’s super great… !!! You edited it very well!! Ok I will talk to the visitors later! I will write my daily lives when I have time~!!!
      Have a nice day,

      Looking forward to her appearance. 😉


      • Hey, Luo. I’m getting tired of waiting!!! haha. Thanks so much for your comments. You should write about your college life next. Looking forward to reading it soon! Please say hi to our friends Ritsuko. 😉


    • Hi Nora!! Sorry for the late reply.. Thank you for your wishes! I will enjoy my university life~~!
      Oh yes.. I also don’t like sports… but running is OK. Every time after running I feel refreshing and comfortable~ It’s not a very difficult sport, you will like it after several times ^o^
      Oh yes! I also want to talk more about the food.. but I have no photos.. Maybe later I will go to find some photos and show you!


      • Hey Luo 🙂 .. I will be eagerly waiting for the “food” photos 🙂 … and after that, when we feel full… we can run to burn the calories 🙂


  2. I loved this triangle Mami , Luo and Ritsuko 🙂 I would like to meet you in person , Luo thanks a lot for sharing with IF parts of your high school life , it seems like you miss those days 😉 In Syria there was kind of military training for students by attending a summer camp but it canceled from about 10 years , but unlike you students weren’t so happy with such camps 😦 . Now there are few substitutes of these camps . I really enjoyed reading this interview thanks Luo , Mami and Ritsuko , good luck Luo and hope to receive more from you , maybe your life at Canada 🙂


    • Hello Ghaythaa! Nice to know you!! Yes I also look forward to see you! If you have plan to come to Canada or go to China, please let me know! I would like to be your tourist guide^^!
      Ah! I don’t know in Syria there was also military training..! Have you attended it before?? Actually my classmates were not very happy during the training.. but at the end we felt happy and regarded it as a good experience~
      Thank you for enjoying reading this interview.. Actually there are more stories I want to share but that time I was lazy to write more.. Sorry^_^
      Ok I will think about to write my life in Canada! See you!


  3. Hello Luo 🙂 nice meeting you and I hope you will have lots of success in your studies 🙂
    BTW, I tried Sushi and I love it, although it is hard to accept the taste the first time, but afterwards it grows on you, I heard about Dim-sum alot but haven’t tried it yet! what is it and is it good?


    • Hello Katia! Oh thank you for your good wishes! I will~
      Oh..!! I begin to love sushi when I first tried it hahaha! It’s easy for me to accept it~
      !!Dim-sum! I miss them very much!!! I strongly recommend you to try it! Actually this food are from my hometown “Guang Dong”~ I hope we can meet there in the future^o^ Then I will take you to try all kinds of Dim-sum!! hahaha~!!


  4. Luoooooo! Thansks so much for your cooperation! You and Ritsuko always make me happy & laugh. I hope you’ll visit our site and talk with other IF friends. 😉


  5. Hi Luo… It’s very interesting and instructive to see how looks High School life in other country so thanks for sharing your experiences. In my country, Poland, during education in high school I don’t had anything like a “military training”. I only had P.E. one, two times a week (physical education). During these classes we played team games like volleyball, bascketball and so on. I never liked team sports so my parents instead of P.E. signed me up for training of Kyokushin…. ….And like a Ghyathaa I’m also curious how’s your life at Canada..


    • Oh Hello Slawek! Yes I also like to know how students life like in other countries~ You are welcome, it’s my pleasure~
      Oh yes we also have P.E lessons^^ Usually 4 times a week. We also played those team games like you!
      Wow Cool!! Kyokushin! I also want to try it! How’s that??
      Nice to meet you! You are my first Poland friend!!


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