Friends of IF – Photography, ABEER

Photos by Abeer, Syria



You can’t be sad when Daisy is around, she won’t let you.” Maryam Faresh


It is a wild plant, a kind of raspberry as they call it here in our village, it grows by its own on the mountains and a lot of people say that its taste is very delicious, but as for me I don’t like it haha … one more this about this plant is that some people use it as a medicine


the sunset is wonderful… this sightseeing makes the mind rest from thinking about the problems of daily life








11 thoughts on “Friends of IF – Photography, ABEER

    • Thanks for your lovely &beautiful photos. Abber, I also like to see and take photos of wild plants. For what is the raspberry effective? Can you make raspberry jam?


      • oh,hi r u doin’? thax for ur compliment
        ..really i enjoy taking pics alot..for this raspberry i don’t know if people make it jam..cause for me i don’t like t’s taste.


      • haha
        as Nora told u iit is sure for me i don’t like it ..and i hope one day u will see yellow jasmine


  1. Abeer, thank you! They are so beautiful. The Ocean can make me feel so peaceful. Wherever we are, the sea always looks same.
    I usually like plants, but for today, I exhausted myself by weeding my garden.


    • Tomoko..all of us need this inner we go to the beach and calm down ourselves and enjoy the wonderful suset..and take care of ur garden and make it full of coulorful roses


  2. Thanks Abeer … your photos have a great deal of positive energy as through theses photos you give us a chance to see the uniqueness in the usual or familiar details that may be always around us but we forget most of the time about them … Thanks again and waiting for more by you 🙂


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