International Students-Illuminated Atom from Syria

Illuminated Atom from Syria
By Ghaythaa Deeb
Co-founder of IFbooks  8.6.2016

After a journey that we had to the Milky Way , we come back with a handful of stardust that contains some minerals and tiny illuminated atoms , our first study showed that these elements will contribute in helping a sick blue planet to survive . We are going to put one of these illuminated atoms under IF microscope to have a close up look on it and as IF laboratories are somehow humble then our livestream will be via written words about one illuminated atom from a star called Syria .

Katia who has science in her blood and ambition in her eyes is our illuminated atom , she is now a student at Copenhagen university-Denmark studying MSc in Human Biology , however , the way from Syria to Denmark wasn’t paved with roses neither it was offered on a silver platter .Similar to thousands of international students , her story doesn’t start from receiving the acceptance letter and of course it doesn’t end with her arrival to the CPH university “I worked after I graduated from Tishreen university – Faculty of Pharmacy to support my family during the crises that is destroying our beautiful country”, Katia said . In many cases students abandoned their dreams after they graduate, especially if they’ve got a job , making their circumstances control them saying that is our destiny and we are satisfied with what we reach , though , other students like Katia never give up their dream as success doesn’t have a finishing line rather there are stages we keep going through and after passing each stage we initiate for the next one .


in Tishreen unverrsity

Therefore, she continued her job, kept applying for scholarships and prepare herself for the needed tests and after about a year she received the letter of acceptance from CPH university, “happiness overwhelmed me, I was surprised and I didn’t believe it at first, but here I am now.” The letter of acceptance wasn’t the only source of this happiness, as she was encouraged by her parents to travel and to continue her study abroad, “from an early age, my parents encouraged me to ask , to know more and to express my opinion about everything , later on their support to my decision of studying abroad was of great help to me.” This trust and the margin of freedom were very important to Katia in a society that imposes many shackles on woman’s ambitions.

When she arrived to Copenhagen university , comparison between the two universities imposed itself on Katia’s mind ” I have always wanted to study abroad ” that is because Tishreen university lacks a lot of research criteria and financial support to keep pace with scientific development . Despite the comparison isn’t so fair between the two universities but it still hurts because Syrian students deserve better education as there are many potentials in Syria but the closed doors are more than the opened ones . Furthermore , in CPH university laboratories are equipped to meet the research needs ,auditoriums , buildings , dorms are well appointed and beautifully decorated , also the teaching style & method enhancing the student’s confidence and improve their logical and critical thinking , “there is art all over the hall ways, statues and exhibition chambers for medical achievements and history, unique design and architecture that mix old and modern in a very smooth way.” These good conditions will keep the focus of the students on their study and provide them with what is needed to fulfill achievements.


CPH university

Of course international students suffer from being away from their homeland, their families and their friends but being with other students who come from different countries, sharing similar interests and goals will ease this suffering. Moreover, having a noble goal will be an important factor which enables students from enduring the difficulties, at the same time this goal will be a motivation for greater achievements which will help them to fulfill personal success and satisfaction , benefit their surrounding and the humanity in general “I am now, studying what I like, getting credits for my efforts and trying to be beneficial to humanity and its development.” Katia concludes. In fact, pressure is what stardust needs to become a shiny star that lights the way for others.

Finally, you can’t throw the seeds on the ground and leave them out there expecting a full grown flower, keep walking towards your goals and remember when you really want something you will find a way and Katia is a real-life example of that. It doesn’t matter how tiny we are in this vast universe “the cosmos is within us” as Carl Sagan put it and we can always make the difference.


30 thoughts on “International Students-Illuminated Atom from Syria

  1. Hey Katia congratulates perseverance in fulfilling dreams.. You are my hero to follow that we should fight for our dreams.
    Ghaythaa, well written article, very motivating.. Why are you not a journalist or something?? You have a talent and you know of it..


  2. Ghaythaa, I am a fan of your writing <3, thank you!
    BTW, I am glad that you used Carl Sagan quote, he is one of the first scientists that I have read their books "We are all stardust" ❤


  3. I am a student at Tishreen University and i know what this article is talking about:the difficlties,the closed doors in our faces …but all these things wouldn’t make us give up our dreams
    I wish the best for all who studying abroad &hope you become important figures at this world “proud of being syrian student”despite all the circumstances


    • Thanks Abeer 🙂 , we are proud of you as well and of all students all over the world who are working hard to achieve their goals and benefit others … please tell us more about you , the difficulties that you face and what’s your plans after graduation ?


    • The difficulties are huge, and I am not proud of being a student from Tishreen university, the university gave me nothing but discouragement, I feel the big difference between CPH and Tishreen, and it is no joke how much effort you need to put even if you already did the maximum you can back in your Tishreen studies. I am proud that I was able to survive and not despair back then, all because I love science and I want to benefit humanity.
      I was rejected to do the Masters at Tishreen University because their selection standards are wrong and there are lots of corruption in the process, but I was accepted at CPH with a scholarship, ain’t that funny !


      • Thanks Katia for expressing your feeling and opinion but to be fair with Syrian students regardless the university they attend , we appreciate what they are going through and we are proud of them for that 🙂 this goes for all hardworking students wherever they are …


      • Yes I know what you mean! I am not saying anything about the Syrian students, I am taking about the education system, and how bad it is for the Syrian students themselves, lots have potential but are not able to show it


  4. Very inspiring story to many young people who will be motivated by your article Ghaythaa. There is this motivation deep in ourselves … a lot of difficulties we may face .. especially as Syrian students but this motivation make us go through difficulties and reach our dream ..
    Katia you are a very ambitious girl , keep going I wish you more success 🙂


    • Exactly Dado , words however they were powerful they won’t reach people who don’t have the desire and ambition within themselves to succeed , but most students only need some light so that such article and story encourage them to keep going 🙂
      Good luck Dado on your study and hoep that all your dreams come true :*


  5. Katia & Gthathaa, I’ll regard you as two drops of ink in the ocean. Tiny drops, but deep blue drops. You can mix easily and gently with other drops, and make a huge current with them, I believe. 🙂


    • Thank you Mami for your words, I hope I can be of a use to humanity in my life, and have an effect even if it is as little as the drop of ink 😉


      • Mami you know that you are here ❤ , I think it's hard to draw in a comment box , but this figure was a heart 😀


  6. Illuminated Atom from Syria 🙂 what a beautiful thing to describe ” the space lover Katia ” , not every one has this ability to persevere … Sure you will turn into a great Sun my dear 🙂


  7. A Syrian student is a student who is seeing his future getting demolished on almost every front and every aspect of life and of the educational process. On one hand we have the Syrian educational system which lacks the qualified efficient cadres, the policy, and the intent to produce an able efficient scientific well-educated society, and instead it is full of corruption and injustice, it follows a devastating policy with the absence of cadres evaluation, and its cadres also consist of a tutoring staff which is mostly unqualified egoistic self-centered anti-scientific tutors with no intent to really teach and educate.
    On the other hand, you have foreign countries policy towards Syrian students, closing almost every door in their faces, adding insult to injury by putting more obstacles in their way of escaping the Syrian hell (I didn’t even mention the war yet) and studying abroad.


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