Friends of IF - Pre mom Jaz

Hi, IF visitors. Our friend, Jaz , sent a letter to us. Enjoy her story about her baby and family 🙂
I am getting close to my due date. The doctor’s says it was near by September 10. I would like to get close to that cause it is my father’s in law birthday. But we’ll see what it will happen. Today I would like to talk about baby showers. Last month I went to Mexico to visit my family, due to my parents coming from Merida after fulfilling a mission of two years, they were heading up home. We did a great family reunion and also a baby shower with my extended family. I would like to talk about the differences about the two cultures I’ve been involved with about baby showers. I’ll have another baby shower here in USA tomorrow. I think because the closeness between these two countries Mexico is very influenced with the USA’s customs. Both like to decorate, give presents and have games. However the food is different. In Mexico we like to have big amount of food and in USA just having little appetizers, like sandwiches, fruit kabobs, chocolate pretzels, etc. Also another differences are: Mexicans buy their gifts wherever they can, but Americans they use store registrations. Mexicans can have baby showers mix men and women, but Americans just women. I think those are some of the things I can mention. What are some customs in your own places to receiving a baby? Another facts I can say are is that we already decided my boy’s name. It is going to be Laertes. It is a Greek name and it means Leader of the town. It is the father of Odysseus on the play Odyssey. We are exited to have the baby pretty soon. It is going to be a great learning experience.


With grandmother!


Which is bigger, Jaz’s berry or T-rex??


The happiest father & mother



12 thoughts on “Friends of IF - Pre mom Jaz

  1. I don’t have any baby yet, so my experienced in this theme is zero but in Poland fathers makes showers their babies also like a mothers. BTW changing diapers by fathers is also nothing strange in my country 😉

    Great name for man – Laertes.. I must admit that I haven’t read Odyssey yet but you have inspired me to read it.. Thanks 🙂

    Great photos and funny describes 🙂 You look for a very nice and friendly family


    • I am glad you like the name. Most people don’t know where it comes from. So my son will have to explain why we pick up that name. I think men and women now are more aware of sharing the childcare together:)


  2. Wow congratulations on your baby. Unfortunately I have no idea about what you expect to know.
    I gave birth by cesarean and my daughter is 30 years old now so it was a long time ago. But I can tell you for sure that having a child is the best thing I have ever done in my life. Now my daughter is also my best friend. I’m looking forward to seeing your baby’s photo in September.


    • Hello Keiko. I where are you from? I think at this point about pregnancy and giving birth I don’t have But I agreed with you about that having a child is the best thing. Do you have any customs parties to receive your baby in your culture?


  3. Hi, Jaz. ラエルテス is your baby’s name in Japanese.. Ghaythaa and I will make your Laertes’ post in September! mmm


  4. wow, your belly is so big! You look very happy and peaceful. I’m also looking forward to seeing Laertes’ photo.
    Unfortunately baby shower isn’t common in Japan.
    In Japan, we have several traditional events for baby after birth to 1 year old. Parents and generally grand parents worship the local deity for baby’s vigorous growth on 1 month old. Next, we celebrate 100days old with feeding meals to have enough food throughout life.(Okuizome in Japanese) Next, we celebrate the girl’s festival on March 3 by displaying beautiful dolls for only girls(Hina-matsuri). For boys, we celebrate on May 5 by displaying dolls like samurai(Tango no sekku). And we celebrate the first birthday grandly, we let a just 1 year old child carry a rice cake on his back. In some regions, parents let him step on a rice cake. For my son, he hesitated to carry. We have some traditional events more after 1year old. Parents are busy with not only childcare but also events. Recently do young parents celebrate traditional events?


    • Haha, Tomoko’s explanation is perfect! I’ll try to look for my daughter’s hina-matsuri photos. Ghaythaa, what events for babies do you like most in Syria?


    • Tomoko.

      Thank you for sharing those traditional events from Japan. They sound pretty interesting. It sounds logic not to do something during the first year of a child because you focus on his care. I think in USA and Mexico baby shower help the new parents with the expenses they have to do for all the baby stuff they need. But also it is a great opportunity to see family and friends. I will look for pictures of the festivals you mention.


  5. I think it’s a very good custom like a baby shower. Mother has a lot of time before delivery than after delivery. I’m waiting for your photos. I should have had a baby shower.
    My explanation about traditional events sounds a little bit strict, but actually it was more flexible. I didn’t know why, but I wanted to comply with traditional customs, and I enjoyed them.


  6. Hi everyone 🙂 , and Jaz please let’s know more about you and the baby as he became famous before he is born 🙂 . it’s said when a woman gave birth to a baby she let a part of her heart leaves her body and revolves around her in this vast world ❤ ❤


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