Today’s sketch 6


Masamitsu at Photobook Diner MEGUTAMA.

Ms. Okado, who is called “Megumiko san,” is the charge of the diner. Ms. Toki, who is known as “Tokitama san,” is the charge of various events there. You can enjoy delicious dishes talking with these beautiful & cheerful women.


Megumiko san(the right)



What is she like?

Masamitsu Saito

Born in 1958 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, Masamitsu Saito, studied Graphic Design in Tama Art University. Freelance Illustrator.
Saito’s latest works: 1, 2



8 thoughts on “Today’s sketch 6

  1. Hello friends 😀 Long time no talk 😀
    Hmmm, she is a warm lady, always so busy with her kitchen, she treats all the tools carefully, she is an organized cook, never lets anyone help her to not mess things up 😀 and she has the most bright smile when someone tells her that her cooking is delicious !
    I would like to have a taste of what she is making in the sketch, I hope it is Chocolate cake 😛


  2. Hello all “IF” friends.. As for me this time Masamitsu drew a scene from MEGUTAMA. This lady from the picture is a Megumi san.. She’s preparing very good coffee with chocolate cake, I think… I’d like to visit this place.. books, coffee and great people = Heaven on the Earth…. Maybe one day, who knows I believe that all dreams can be realized 🙂


  3. Hi, Katia! How’s your new term? Sooooo nice to talk with you again.
    And hi, Slawek. I envvvvy your wonderful Italian trip. haha.
    I sometimes go to have a lunch or dinner at this diner with Masamitsu. I don’t know Megumiko san likes to bake chocolate cakes but her cooking is perfect. If you come to Tokyo next summer vacation, I’ll take you two to Megutama and you can try to have Japanese dishes.


  4. Hi Mr. Masamitsu 🙂 I like this atmosphere and ” the spirit of art ” that revolves around the place as you are drawing …. as friends commented 🙂 you painted a very busy woman … but she really enjoy what she is doing just like you 🙂


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