Tell us your city nickname

Hello Friends ^_^
Similar to people , cities have nicknames that indicate the aspects of these cities . The real name of any city could mean nothing more than a name of a place for many people , but with nicknames places have another dimensions in the mind of people . In Syria , for example , the nickname of Homs is “the mother of black stones ” in reference to the black basalt stones used in building the houses in the past and highlighted the beauty and uniqueness of the city architecture .



Homs – an old house in one of Homs countryside


Another city is Damascus ” The City of Jasmine ” as the climbing jasmine that bearing fragrant , small and white flowers spreads almost in every neighborhood of the city . The fragrance of this flower will never leave your memory  , and whenever you read a novel ,a poem , or a story about Damascus the jasmine fragrant will overwhelm you  🙂
For IF friends I’ve chosen some lines of a Damascene poet ,Nizar Qabbani , describing his coming back to The City of Jasmine .

I enter the courtyard of the Umayyad Mosque
And greet everyone in it
Corner to . . . corner
Tile to . . . tile
Dove to . . . dove
I wander in the gardens of Kufi script
And pluck beautiful flowers of God’s words
And hear with my eye the voice of the mosaics
And the music of agate prayer beads
A state of revelation and rapture overtakes me,
So I climb the steps of the first minaret that encounters me
“Come to the jasmine”
“Come to the jasmine”
I have come to you . . .
From the history of the Damascene rose
That condenses the history of perfume . . .
From the memory of al-Mutanabbi
That condenses the history of poetry . . .
I have come to you . . .


City of Jasmine

Please tell us about your city characteristics & its nickname , and if your city doesn’t have a nickname what would you call it !?

* Damascus is the capital of Syria , commonly known as Al-Sham and as the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world
* Nizar Tawfiq Qabbani (1923 – 1998) a Syrian diplomat, poet and publisher.
* In Syria there are many kinds of fragrant flowers such as 1- Jasmine ( small leaves and white or yellow flowers called ياسمين ( Yasmine ) other kind called الفّل Ful/full its flower is bigger and more fragrant,
2- Gardenia , 3- and Damask roses that people used to plant in their gardens .



By Ghaythaa Deeb ,Syria .
21, 9 , 2016


6 thoughts on “Tell us your city nickname

  1. OH, it’s so beautiful jasmines!! Ghaythaa, my jasmine is now only one bloom. 😥 It’s getting cool and has a lot of rain in Tokyo…

    Yes, Tokyo is my hometown and it’s the metropolitan in Japan. I feel so sorry but it has no nickname (perhaps).
    Sometimes people call Tokyo “Hana no Oedo,” means flowery/gorgeous Edo city(Edo, the former name of Tokyo).

    Actually Tokyo doesn’t have a sleep, and we sometimes lost our perception of time. OK, I’ll give Tokyo the nickname “cat’s eye.” :p Tokyo Cat always welcome to you!


    • Mami , we should let all IF friends see your baby jasmine plant 🙂 , as for Tokyo nickname hmm you chose sth very unique and original . I haven’t heard before such a name haha , for me cats are always associated with beautiful women and charm , when it comes to cat’s eye then a lot of hidden stories and mysteries


  2. Hmm… Actually my home city Krakow doesn’t has nickname, but…. Sometimes it’s said The Royal Capital City of Kraków (actually it’s a official full name) – Though the Capital of Poland is Warsaw now Krakow was historical capital with Royal couple. Also it is said The Krak’s Hillfort this name derived from name of lgendary prince which was founder of my city. Here’s short article about him


  3. Hi !

    i love the article in fact Syrian people love to called their cites in nicknames 🙂 every city in Syria named in what the most famous thing exist in this city for example Hama city we call it the city of Norias (Waterwheels ) because the existence of Norias on Al-ِAssi ( Orontes River ) from a very old time
    by the way my city is Homs, I know a story from my grandfather 🙂 . He told me that Homs called the city of crazy people and this name back to the Mongol invasion times 🙂
    ” a leader from Mongolia want to Occupy the city and the local citizens heard about that so when the Mongolian army came they start acting and pretend to be crazy/mad ( laughing hysterically , hitting on pots , yelling and with messy hair 🙂 ) . The invaders think that all the people of this city lost their minds ,the Mongolian was supraised and they fell fear from Those people و in additon to that in old times they believed in the black spirits demons possess the crazy people . the army and their leader thought that approaching these madmen will bring them curse 🙂 so the brave leader and his army just fleeing and no one from the people of Homs was killed and no Weapons had used , they have the power of mind with a clever trick 🙂 so they are the crazy people 😉 . Homs in the all history of Syria it’s the only city which never occupied and Mongols defeated in Homs” that was my grandfather story about Homs 🙂


    • Thank you for sharing with Homs story. It’s like Grimm stories or Arabian Nights stories. They have no smartphones, PC, or guns, heavy weapons but have bravery & wisdom. 🙂


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