The Rose 

Hello Friends ^_^  this full blooded and rich rose  isn’t one of Salvador Dali’s surrealistic paintings  . It’s the spinning vortex of Saturn’s north polar storm which resembles a deep red rose of giant proportions surrounded by green foliage in this false-color image from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft  The view was acquired at a distance of approximately 261,000 miles (419,000 kilometers) from Saturn and the image was taken on Nov. 27, 2012


Saturn’s north polar storm

And if you don’t know why we mentioned Salvador Dali’s paintings , please take a look of Dali’s 1958 painting  Rose Meditative .


Dali’s Rose Meditative

The rose in this painting is floating in space a blossom without stem suspended over, and completely and utterly dwarfing, a dreary landscape. Two tiny figures are visible on the ground below it, indicating the rose’s massive scale. The rose’s presence is deliberately ambiguous: is it a real object? Is it a figment of the imaginations of the figures in the painting? A figment of our imagination? In turn, our relation to the rose is called into question by the title. Although the rose may be meditative in the sense of the spiritual, it may also be a contemplative meditation: it is contemplating us, as we are contemplating it. The brilliant red color of the rose makes it even more auspicious in this setting. It is contrasted sharply against the cool blue sky, and the dull, warm earth tones of the landscape and the yellowed horizon above it.

Do you notice any connection between the real Saturn’s storm & this imaginative painting of Dali ! or it’s just a nonsense coincidence !

By Ghaythaa Deeb , Syria .

Sources :
Aaron Art Prints


2 thoughts on “The Rose 

  1. Saturn called the red plant because the dust of iron in it’s surface so may Dali inspiring from this plant which is so close to the earth compering with other planets on the space he has a great imagination , i think to paint the rose of Saturn “as i call it ” he rich to the union with the elements of universe .


  2. Hmm… This photo with north polar storm from Saturn indeed reminds rose, but….. My first association when I saw this photo was totally different.. First it reminded me one of Franciso Goya paintings entitled “Saturn Devouring His Son”.. I don’t know why I thought on this painting, probably it was because of name “Staturn” and because red color from photo may associate also with blood..


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